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Your distribution partner

Since 1986, Express Mag has provided publishers with a revenue stream to supplement newsstand sales. Over the years, we’ve acquired industry-leading expertise in managing subscriptions in Canada and the United States.

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Management of your North American subscriber bases
  • Processing and mailing of copies
  • A fully bilingual Customer Contact Centre
  • Coordination of direct marketing

As a result, we provide a single point of contact for processing orders, payments, complaints and other consumer services. We can also adapt our range of services to your requirements and restrictions.

Our objective: to promote your interests

Entrusting your magazine distribution to Express Mag means benefiting from decades of experience with Europe’s largest publishers. Our objective is in line with yours. Doing business with Express Mag boosts your efficiency, thereby helping you streamline operating costs.

In addition to managing North American distribution of your magazines, we’re also in a good position to serve your customers who have no access to newsstand publications. For more than 30 years, we’ve been building relationships of trust with subscribers by offering top-quality service, including rapid mailing and respect for delivery deadlines, as well as dedicated and proactive customer care.