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Is the information submitted to Express Mag confidential?

Express Mag respects your privacy. We guarantee to our subscribers the respect for the rules of the professional code of the Canadian Association of the Marketing (ACM). This membership assures our subscribers that we are conform to the code of ethics and to the standards of practice. It demonstrates our commitment towards the private life of the consumers, strengthens the relation which we maintain with a national association which symbolizes the integrity and the fair practices.

Exclusive offers of Express Mag and its partners can be proposed to you by mail, by telephone or by e-mail. However, in your demand and any time, we make a commitment to you to delete your name of all the internal marketing lists and the lists which are rented in third parties. Please inform us about it in writing.

You can also contact the Canadian Association of Marketing, which in your demand will remove your name off the lists of all the member companies of the association. You can write to them at the following address: association of the Direct Marketing, 1 Concorde Street, Suite 607, Don Mills, Ontario, M3C 3N6, or visit the website at his site.

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