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by Lindy Mitchell starstarstarstarstar
This is the most beautiful magazine I have ever seen. I just carry it around to look at when I have a few minutes. It was just a lucky find!!!! KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK LINDY
by Jeannie starstarstarstarstar
What a lovely indulgence! I so look forward to each and every issue that comes. I enjoy losing myself while leisurely meandering through the pages of luscious artwork and beautiful poems and stories.
by Arden Detweiler starstarstarstarstar
This is the loveliest magazine I ever laid eyes on!!!!!
by Phyllis Osberg starstarstarstarstar
Daphne"s Diary is the most engaging magazines i have ever read. I have collected a few and have found that each issue has so much variety and information that i can read it the first time and then pick up the same issue weeks later and totally enjoy reading it again. Thank you for the work that goes into producing each issue. i love it.
by Marla
This magazine is exceptional in every way. My favorite!
by Mary Ferguson starstarstarstarstar
I found your magazine in 2019. That is the date one of our stores exhibited this wonderful magazine. We only have one store that carries it and I check often, but I miss sometimes. I find your magazine to be so creative and inspirational. I am constantly going back and looking at them over and over again. Also, it cheers me up on rainy days! Bless all the staff involved for such a wonderful creation.
by JACQUELINE REMUS starstarstarstarstar
I cant say enough about this magazine except, I wish there were more! If you scrapbook, journal, do mixed media or just want something lovely to look at and read without all the advertisements then this magazine is for you! It's ever so delightful and I look forward to every issue that comes my way!
by Samantha starstarstarstarstar
I so look forward to receiving this magazine!! It's full of things to do and make, specialty papers, recipes, fun and engaging stories and activities. There is so much within these pages, it's sometimes like a trip around the world. I LOVE this "magazine"!! (It's so much more than a magazine though!!)
by Karen starstarstarstarstar
This magazine is amazing. I read every page and do the crafts as well. The best magazine ever. Thank you for bringing me this joy.
by Mary Ferguson starstarstarstarstar
I love your magazine. It is so beautiful, colourful, and creative.
by nadine jordan starstarstarstarstar
OMG I have found my favorite magazine. Thank you so much. I wish I could afford a subscription but I Centro the lumpvsum. I buy it at my local Joann's store or the one one bookstore Booksamillion that has it. I love the extras and DIY'S. The photos and stories and everything about the magazine. I am in love. Lol
by Sharol Sullivan starstarstarstarstar
Absolutely love this magazine!!! I've cancelled other subscriptions because they do not give me the delightfulness that Daphne does... Do not ever change! ??
by Kimberly starstarstarstarstar
So, so beautiful! This little magazine makes me happy when it comes! There are so many pretty things to look at. I don't know of anything like it. I've been able to use a lot of the things included for gifts, and even crafts for my classroom. This is my favorite, and I love it!
by Tahirih Gutelius
An incredibly beautiful magazine. It has all kinds of things in it from recipes, to crafts, to travel, and artisans, and more. It's always fun to see what they have tucked into it this month. I love it.
by PalmyDeb starstarstarstarstar
I absolutely love this magazine! I so grateful the Express Mag facilitates the mailing so it can come to the US. My daughter also subscribes and we will text each other as soon as we get our new issue. It brings us such joy!
by Karen Decker-Brown starstarstarstarstar
I have received a subscription as a gift from my son for several years and I look forward to the next issue each month. This is a delightful magazine, very refreshing from the usual mundane magazines the USA produces. I wish we had an American equivalent. There are so many projects to do but I hate cutting up my magazine to do them, I need 2 subscriptions, one to look at and one to do the fun things and projects to cut out. My favorite magazine.
by Marla Kroesen
My first magazine was a gift, and I was instantly hooked. It is the most beautiful magazine I have ever seen. I have now enjoyed a year of Daphne’s Diary. I am like a kid in a candy store when it arrives! I am iinspired to be creative by it. It takes me “away” to places I’ve never been. I enjoy all the stories, and I LOVE all the gifts included in every issue. I’m a lover of all things paper! I love everything about this publication.
by Kelly Foley starstarstarstarstar
I just love this magazine. Nothing else like it out there!
by Julia starstarstarstarstar
Beautiful magazine. Love from Canada <3
by Penny LeHew starstarstarstarstar
Can't say enough how much I love this magazine. I came across it accideltally in Barnes & Noble. I can sit for hours and read this and look at all the beautiful things to make. It's very notalsgic. I just want to be inside the magazine!
by Sally Geisel
This is the cutest, most hyggelig magazine ever! I love it!
by Susan Smith starstarstarstarstar
I happened across this magazine by mistake while I was vacationing and just fell in love with it. I like everything about it...the paper collections, craft ideas, gorgeous articles, food, etc. Just wonderful. Can hardly wait to start my subscription.
by Jan Kennedy starstarstarstarstar
I absolutely LOVE Daphne's Diary! And I'm so glad I can now subscribe to it in the U.S.! And - I just received the Paper Box that goes with the subscription - wonderful! So many projects waiting for me in both the magazine and box to make from the dreamy papers...! And I love the articles on travel, art history, recipes, Daphne's family... it goes on and on!
by Suzanne Fuqua
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this magazine and have never enjoyed another magazine as I do this one. It is like an escape from my hectic life and I so enjoy reading it and looking at it over and over, cover to cover. THANKS for such a great product!

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