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L’ARCHITECTURE D’AUJOURD’HUI GETS A NEW LOOK! New graphic identity, new sections, the evolution chosen by L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui affirms a desire to define, more than ever, architecture as a main actor, and not just a marker, of political, urban and social evolutions. Now even more than yesterday, L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui meets the eyes of those who make architecture, those who observe it and those who experience it. Experts on architecture, but also in art, design, human and social sciences, all express in the pages of the magazine their point of view on our contemporary and global society. L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui speaks "seriously about light things and lightly about serious things." The revue will now change to become more a magazine type, by multiplying topics,formats and illustrations. L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui no longer talks only to specialists in architecture, but aims to speak to a wider audience as well, those who are curious to know more about how the world is built.

  • Category: Architesture
  • Country: FRANCE
  • Language: English/French

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